Social Media – 2 Mistakes I’ve Made Recently (3 minute read)

Learn about the mistakes I’ve made using social media for business and the solutions that have worked for me.


I’ve been an entrepreneur since 2009 and social media has not been part of my contracting businesses marketing strategy. Our contracting business has seen consistent growth year after year using Google Organic Search Results, Google Business Listing¬†and Google AdWords to drive traffic to our website. We have a regional focus and our customers have never once in all these years asked us about social media.This, of course, will change as our target demographic changes but that is a subject for another post.

Now that I have started social media is part of my marketing strategy for this business. Being new to using social media in business I’m learning as I go and I have identified 2 mistakes that I have been making.

Mistake # 1 – Posting identical content across all platforms simultaneously.

Facebook, Twitter and Linked In are the social media sites I am using. Although it is convenient to post across all 3 sites simultaneously using Buffer it was actually causing confusion for my network. My network is different on each social media site. My Facebook friends consist of family, friends and small business owners. On Twitter most of my followers are marketing managers, authors, coaches and consultants. On Linked In I am connected with corporate business professionals and b2b sales people.

Solution: Customize my message for each segment of my network by considering what they need and want.

Mistake # 2 – Not enough original content.

It is very easy to share other people’s content, but does that content add value for your audience? As I consider the feedback I have received from my audience and looked at the analytics I realized that the original content I have produced performs exponentially better than any other content I have shared. Now I think there is still a time and place to share other people’s content but only after considering your audience, which then tells you what site to share it on.

Solution: Share other people’s content selectively and focus on sharing your original content.

How can you influence your revenue to grow using this information?

By taking the time to think about who you are trying to reach, what they need and how you can provide value you will see better results. If you couple this strategy with a solid lead conversion strategy you will be well on your way to influencing your revenue to grow.

For more information about social media strategies for your business contact our good friends at Engaged Social Media.

Author: Jamie Irvine

Teaching Small Business Owners the Blueprint of a Great Business | I'm the Chief Instructor at the Blueprint of Greatness a School for Entrepreneurs and CEO at

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