An Interview with Jamie Irvine (4-minute read)

Learn more about Jamie Irvine and how he influences his revenue to grow.


Welcome to’s new interview series.

Our goal with this series is to interview executives, managers, and entrepreneurs that can share with you valuable insight into how to influence revenue to grow and create a platform to achieve big personal goals. If you would like to be interviewed please fill out our form and we will be in touch with you within 1 – 2 weeks.

For our very first interview, we are going to speak to Jamie Irvine the founder of to give you an example of how an interview is conducted and what the interview notes will look like when we post it as an article on our website. As we develop this series we will also include the audio of the interview so you can listen to the extended versions.

An Interview with Jamie Irvine

What do you do Jamie and who do you do it for?

I work with B2C Contractors and B2B Distributors who need to increase their sales revenue.

Why do you do what you do?

When people influence their revenue to grow they create a platform to achieve big personal goals. Since I have always loved helping people this is really fulfilling for me personally.

If you were to have a tagline, what would it be?

I’m the guy you call when your business needs a game changer.

What motivated you to enter your field of work?

Being a sales professional really was a situation where the work found me, I was born to do this kind of work and I had great mentors who recognized that and helped me. The other things I do like being an entrepreneur, author, and blogger are really an expression of my creative side and I pursued them.

What are the greatest challenges you have faced in business and how did you overcome them?

The first major challenge took me years to understand, my personality will allow me to do certain things very well and my personality prevents me from doing many things all together. My aspirations and dreams were not always aligned with my personality profile. The second challenge was building a business with only $700.00 to start it with after losing tens of thousands of dollars in a start-up that failed. It took an inner strength that I did not know I possessed, I am so grateful for my wife because she held my feet to the fire and together we struggled our way to success.

Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself if you were just starting out?

Don’t get tunnel vision, be flexible and creative when deciding which business to start and what structure to use. Don’t spend money that you can’t afford to lose and don’t burn bridges when you quit your job to start your own company, you never know how years later the good reputation you have built for yourself may help you when you need it the most.

What tools do you use in your business to make you more profitable?

How do you personally influence your own revenue to grow?

My personal revenue comes from 3 areas:
  1. I’m a sales professional, I work for Artic Truck Parts & Service as an Account Manager and I am the Sales & Marketing Manager for Pure Pressure, the company that purchased my business Irvine Sales and Service on January 1st, 2016. Between these two companies, I personally manage over $2 million dollars in annual sales.
  2.  I’m an author of a new book called 5 Ways to Market Your Business Online for Contractors, this book will be released in 2017 and will be available as a download on and I hope to also release an audio version of the book.
  3. I’m a Blogger and I am building an audience that will generate affiliate marketing and sponsorship revenue. In order to build an audience, I write as a guest contributor for BLOG’s like Millionaire Digest and I have been a guest on Podcasts like

What parting wisdom can you share with our audience today and how can we get a hold of you?

A parting piece of wisdom, well I think that the fastest way to influence your revenue to grow is to read books, blogs, and listen to podcasts. The best part about it is with a library card and the internet you can achieve this for free. People can contact me by going to and you can book an introductory meeting via Skype.

Author: Jamie Irvine

Teaching Small Business Owners the Blueprint of a Great Business | I'm the Chief Instructor at the Blueprint of Greatness a School for Entrepreneurs and CEO at

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