When Good Advice Goes Bad (2 minute read)

Learn about how important it is to understand the spirit of advice from others and use critical thinking to ensure a positive outcome.


We love to inspire others by giving advice in the form of an inspirational quote on our social media accounts.


Personally, I have benefitted from these kinds of posts. Sometimes you need to hear or see something and exactly what you need pops up in your notifications bar at exactly the right time. I think this is the intended result when people post this kind of message.


Many of the common quotes being retweeted and shared in themselves have kernels of universal truth common to the human experience and therefore resonate with us.

When Good Advice Goes Bad

Let’s look at the common advice “to just be yourself”, now on the surface it appears to be good advice, but is it universally true?

Well if you mean that each person should be “genuine and authentic” then I agree, good advice. On the other hand, all too often this advice is used as an excuse for bad behavior, as in “that’s just who I am so deal with it” and then I wholeheartedly disagree.

The key is to understand the spirit behind the message and to apply it in your life in a positive and meaningful way. Better yet apply the advice in a way that has a positive impact on others. Impacting someone else’s life in a positive way can have a direct correlation with influencing revenue to grow. Remember our goal at InfluenceRevenue.com is to help you influence your revenue to grow so that you have a platform on which to pursue big personal goals – goals that can change the world.¬†When you see inspirational quotes and advice of this kind hone your critical-thinking abilities. Learn to see past the initial emotional response it illicit’s and understand how you can use this information in a positive, intentional, and impactful way.

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Author: Jamie Irvine

Teaching Small Business Owners the Blueprint of a Great Business | jamieirvine.ca I'm the Chief Instructor at the Blueprint of Greatness a School for Entrepreneurs and CEO at JamieIrvine.ca

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